Artistic Research

2016 – 2020 I was a post doc fellow in Finnish Academy funded project “How to Do Things  with Performance?”at Theatre Academy, University of Arts, Helsinki.

“We ask what can be done with performance – what actualises when a performance takes place, when it is documented, and when it is written about. Through these epistemological questions, we address the ontology of performance: in what ways can we understand ‘performance’ today, as a new materiality, as presence, and in the international, multilingual context where words, documents, and practices connote differently but are shared in online environments. “

My personal interest in this project is to think about performance, institutions and personal experiences in institutional spaces. I am curious what kind of knowledge we can produce and how by doing art in the context of artistic research.

Artistic projects that include to this research:

Library Essays #1 “Elephants are always drawn smaller than life” (2016)

Lentämisen alkeet (2017)

Vuosi professorina (2019)

and a book Performance Artist’s Workbook On teaching and learning performance art -essays and exercises.

2017-19 I have been talking/performing about my project in several conferences: Alliances and Commonalities (Stockholm),  IFTR, (Belgrade), Psi#24 (Daegu), Cultural Mobility in Performance and Performativity studies (Cracow), SAR conference (Plymouth),  IFTR, Sao Paulo,  Psi #23 Working group (Hamburg), GENESIS (Helsinki), Venice Biennale Research Pavilion, (Venice) SAR Conference (Helsinki), CARPA6 as well as Research Days I-V (Helsinki).