AS IF #1-10 (2006-2008)


As if – Open Series # 1-10 was a series of performance experiments performed in a front of the audience.

The idea was to test some simple actions – like sitting, looking at, singing Be-bab-a lola – in the context of performance art. The focus varied depending on a show: we explored presence of a performer, an interaction with spectators as well as a relationship between live performance and video.

The last performance As if #10 – Conclusions was one hour long performance in Kiasma –theater. It was a discussion and a performance lecture concerning questions of performance and non-performance, art and life. We asked what is “ the tiniest element of performance” and what is “enough”.

AS IF 1-10 was performed at Reality Research Center, Helsinki (2006) JuneWorkshop, Teater Maskinen, Riddarhyttan, Sweden (2006), Amorph!06-festival, Helsinki (2006), Labor Sonor club, Berlin, Germany (2006), Society of Aesthetics, at seminar ”Esittäjä tekijänä, taiteilija taitajana”,  Helsinki (2006), ArtContact, Helsinki (2007), Podium, Oslo, Norway (2007), Suuri Orkku Festivaali, Reality Research Center at Korjaamo, Helsinki (2007) and  Kiasma Theatre Helsinki 2008.

Performed in Finnish and in English.

The series was a part of my artistic research doctoral work at Theater Academy.


Concept: Pilvi Porkola

Text: Jussi Johnsson and Pilvi Porkola

Performed: Jussi Johnsson and Pilvi Porkola

Produced: Reality Research Center and Kiasma-theater

Photos by Petri Summanen and KKA/Pirje Mykkänen.

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