Ihana sininen – the lovely blue (2020)

Could the object of your dreams be found in something we already have? What kind of feelings and stories do the items convey?

Some of us dream of simplicity and empty space, while others love stuff and want to keep everything. Some dream of a new car or their own Ferris wheel, while others dream of the perfect shade of blue. Could the object of your dreams be found in something we already have?

The show aimed at elementary school children reflects on people’s longing for the unattainable, for something we don’t have. At the same time, the world is full of different things and our relationship with the objects around us is complex. Objects are useful and we need them. On the other hand, there are already so many things that we take them for granted and we hardly see what is around us anymore.

The starting point of the Ihana sinilin performance has been the idea of recycling and reusing the old performance materials of the TOTEM theater. When making the show, we thought about how props that have already been used once and things and ideas from previous shows could be used again, combined in different ways and looked at from a new perspective. The performance uses the methods of object theater, a form of puppet theater where an object is brought to life instead of a puppet. The objects are not just props for the show, but collaborators with the performers.

Käsikirjoitus ja ohjaus: Pilvi Porkola
Tila-, valo- ja pukusuunnittelu: Milla Martikainen
Äänisuunnittelu ja musiikki: Markus Heino
Graafikko: Tomi Suovankoski
Traileri: Ida Järvinen
Valokuvat: Pate Pesonius
Ompelu: Anne Kotola
Esiintyjät: Pasi Lappalainen ja Päivi Rissanen
Yleisötyö: Camilla Anderzén
Tuotanto: TOTEM-teatteri / Tiina Piispa

Ihana sininen

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