Helsinki by Skoda (2011)


“We had Skoda, mostly working, and we hit the road, went around Hietsu, Tattarisuo and Kallio, the door was broken and The Handsome offered to sell Citroen 86′ to us. We bought the boots, hanged around at Teboil listening Ville Ahonen. We looked back, the time when the boyfriend came to pick me up from my job Meilahti and house squatting stuff. We talked about performance art, Chris Burden and the German guy, Jörn, you know him, do you, the one with the beard. We tried to be bearded, too. Then we had to think about what to say to cops when they will stop us, the car was a bit fixed, you know.“

Helsinki by Skoda was a road performance around the city, Helsinki, a journey between daily life and art. The audience was invited to sit to back seats, the car was speeding up and music was loud. The city is for us and anything can happen.  

9.8.-3.9.2010 around Helsinki

Team: Pilvi Porkola, Niina Hosiasluoma and Teemu Mäki with Eero Grundström (musician).

Produced: Reality Research Center.

Performed in Finnish.

Photos by Pilvi Porkola and Niina Hosiasluoma.



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