How to Be a Performance Artist? (2007-2012)


  1. Document your work.
  2. Think what you wear.
  3. Think what you say.
  4. Think what you do.
  5. Think what is your relationship to a tradition.
  6. Try to manage with your daily life and art.
  7. Work, work and work.
  8. Think how to be a human being?

Series of performance lectures.

Concept and performing: Pilvi Porkola

Performed at: Performance Festival, Hamar Norway (2007), Junge Hunde –festival, Århus Denmark (2007), Theatre Academy, Helsinki (2008), EST, Musiikin ja näyttämötaiteen tutkijakoulun talvikoulu, Järvenpää (2008), Esitystaidehalli, Helsinki (2008), Puhetta ja tekoja, ANTI-festivaali, Kuopio (2008), Nyrjähdys-klubi, Lahti (2008), Art Contact Helsinki (2009), Live Art Festival, Teak, Helsinki (2009), Vårscene- festival, Tromssa, Norway 2012.

The performance was part of my artistic research doctoral work at Theatre Academy.

Photos taken by the audience.

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