MAKE MY DAY (2015)

The starting point for this performance were my thoughts about the influences that constantly affects us in everyday life and how to work with these impulses as an artist. In this project I was also interested in body-based methods of performing and moving, such as walking. My aim was to transform elements from daily life to stage and see how they were changed when ‘staged’. How it differs to walk and carry shopping bags in the street or on the stage?

I asked four choreographers to do one-on-one workshops with me for three days with an aim to produce material for the performance. We worked with the methods that choreographers found familiar to them, such as Alexander technique, improvisation or hiphop, and I adopted these materials to the final performance.

I think the stage is a peculiar space. Every time I go to the stage, I find it a privileged situation, to talk and take space, to bring things forth. In this performance I tried to make this specificity of stage to be visible and be open with that special relationship that a performer and a spectator have.

I share my life with my son (11years) and he wanted to take part in this performance. During the performance he was sitting in an armchair in the front of stage, he read comics and had short comments on my action. In the end of the performance he had his own solo.

Concept and performer: Pilvi Porkola

Choreographers: Soile Lahdenperä, Sonya Lindfors, Ana Laura Lozza & Heli Meklin

Light design: Heikki Paasonen

Special Guest Star: Anton

Produced by TheaterDiscounter and MAD HOUSE HELSINKI.

The performance was supported by Alfred Kordelin Foundation.

Photos by Maippi Tapanainen.

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