Mitä meistä jää (2014)


It is year 2015.

The ice is melting.

The cities are full of human traces. Some of the traces are respected and taken care of, they can stand the test of the time, like buildings and boulevards. Some of the traces are dispensable; we throw them away or just forget them. Some of the traces are created with a purpose when some are just accidents.

Mitä meistä jää? is series of performances and interventions based on a question what is left of us. All parts are site-specific and located. Each part is based on “documents of humans” that are found in this specific place.

#1-2 were performed in January 2015 at gallery KUUSI/KUUSI/KUUSI, Vartiosaari, Helsinki.

#3 was performed in October at TheatreNow event in Kiasma.

Duration 30 mins.

Performed by Pilvi Porkola and Anton.

Sound design by Jusa Porkola.

Photos by Tanja Kiiveri.

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