No More Broken Hearts (2013)

no-more6__Pilvi Porkola_kuvaPirje Mykkänen_rajattu

“… I miss everything that we can’t be, yet…. I love you so long as you’re here (and maybe a little longer)… We don’t earn love, we live by it… I went home and my body burned for many days, where you’d touched…My reaction was not that I didn’t approve, but that it hurts, hurts anyway…Guess I asked for this…”

Pilvi Porkola reads love letters she has written during 15 years. The letters are dedicated to different men in different stages of life. The letters are about trying to approach someone, to find out what is going on or to break up. The performance focuses on questions of autobiography and performance, documenting of daily life, storytelling and intimacy as a state of performance.

Concept and performing: Pilvi Porkola

Light design: Mia Kivinen

Produced by Kiasma Theatre.

The performance was supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Photo by Pirje Mykkänen/KKA.


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